Food Waste Disposer

Food Waste Disposer

Food Waste Disposer RF2800 meets the Singapore standard and owns certificate issued by professional testing organisation(TUV SUD PSB). The design of RF2800 is built around the concepts of “energy saving, environment protection, people-oriented and healthy living” and the principles of “user-friendly design, low-energy consumption, lower cost and high efficiency”. The quality of RF2800 is stable, reliable and long service life. With unique Eight Big Advantages, RF2800 food waste disposer as series products were developed by R Factory Pte Ltd through own independent research and development.

Four main parts of RF2800 are:

  1. Grinder 
  2. Dehydrator 
  3. Odour Control System 
  4. Sanitation Spray System 


  • Smallest size in the world
  • Highly efficient & reduction
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning system
  • Highest dehydration Rate
  • Environmental protection and health
  • Chemical-free & harmless to humans
  • Surface sanitization
  • User-friendly design

Functions of RF2800 

  • Handling capacity of food waste as 100kg/hr.
  • Food waste disposer makes residues odourless, sanitized and non-toxic in the whole process.
  • After grinding and dehydrating, the reduction of food waste can be reached up to 80%.
  • Liquid ozone reduces the growth of bacteria and pests (for example, mosquito, cockroach etc) effectively.
  • Low energy consumption and cost-effective(power consumption:4 kWh/ton, water consumption:200L/ton).
  • Multilevel self-cleaning functions: normal cleaning and deep cleaning.
  • Draw-out high-pressure spray gun with high concentration liquid ozone for surface sanitation, including tables, floor, food waste disposer etc.

Technology of RF2800 

Technology of RF2800 is the first world creation

  • Is completely harmless (odourless, sanitized and non-toxic) food waste disposer in the world.
  • Is up to 80% reduction ratio for the food waste
  • It adopts the patented iEOG ozone technology, ensuring a 99.99% (or above) sanitized rate.
  • Handling same or more food waste capacity with smallest volume, minimum energy consumption.
  • It contains the functions of fully self-cleaning and purification.