Smart Tray Return Robot

Our Robot Advantages 


With the latest technologies that were integrated to Robot, Robot area of operation can be customised according to the user specified path walk. Path can be modified according to user’s need.

In the event when a diner move to the front, Robot will be able to do a stop so to allow the diners to return their trays. Once a tray is returned, Robot can express her thanks by facial expression and voice.

When Robot is fully loaded, she can inform the diner and guide herself back to kitchen for unloading. Once the load is unloaded, Robot can return to her area of operation without any human instruction or guidance turn to the course work after removing the tray.


  • Robot is self-guiding root. She does not need magnetic strip or hunan to guide her.
  • Robot can stop when she detected diners who are returning the tray to her.
  • Robot can response to diners with a “Thank you” when diner is returning his/her tableware to her.
  • Robot can ask for assistance when an obstacles is obstructing her way.
  • Once detected full load, Robot can guide herself to the kitchen without any human instruction or deployment.
  • Once detected full load, Robot can notify all diners that she is currently fully load and she will be back.
  • When the load is cleared, Robot can guide herself back to food court and continue to serve the diners.

Product Introduction 

  • Each layer pallet rack is mounted with a detector. This is to detect empty or full.
  • Build in internal antenna & wifi system to allow remote control and communication.
  • Build in with ultrasonic sensor to detect diners.
  • 7-inch LCD screen – display a custom pattern, words or expression.
  • Build speaker to communicate with diners.
  • Carrier tray rack – a special design to ensure the tray can be easily slide in.
  • Build in scanner to scan for all obstacle.
  • Independent suspension drive motor to ensure smooth movement.